A Dance Contest?  For What Reason?

Many of the best Faber Ryan Youth Foundation programs come from seemingly out of the box ideas – the most recent – a dance contest – is no different.  About two months ago, our Executive Program Director, Tracy Yassini, and I were brainstorming ways to engage youth.  We came up with our our first dance contest in the Los Angeles area.  Fast forward to now.  Winners of the contest will be given a scholarship at the prestigious Edge Performance Center in Hollywood, California. The center is one where talented professionals including  Britney Spears, Ryan Goslin, Kate Hudson, and other celebrity elites have gone to work on their dance skills.

Since the contest began, Tracy and I have been asked by numerous people about “what is the purpose of this dance contest?”. “What is the hitch?” “Free dance scholarships? What exactly is in this for you and Tracy?” “Is this some type of scam? This all seems a bit surreal.”

In today’s culture, we completely understand why these types of questions pop up.  Why would anybody want to give something out for free? Everyone else appears to have some type of secondary gain. Surely, the Bony Pony Ranch Foundation should not be considered any different – but we are different.

We recognize that urban youth who have a talent in performing arts or an interest in the entertainment industry need opportunities, exposure, and sound guidance to realize their full potential.

Through carefully curated industry experiences, one-on-one and group mentorships, and scholarships we help youth develop the tenacity, mental toughness and talent it takes to succeed not only in the entertainment industry, but in life.  As renowned business leader John Maxwell states, “To reach your potential, you must first believe in your potential, and determine to live way beyond average.”

One final thought, we would love to hear from you! 
Do you have any ideas on how we can reach out to various dance communities to get the word out? We want to make sure that all our youth have this opportunity. Click here to get in touch with us.

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